Glow-worms - The Book

The Glow-worm

The Glow-worm is Britain's only native species of firefly and has charmed people for generations.

In this book, for the first time, the Glow-worm's fascinating life is described in detail from egg to adult and illustrated with colour photographs. There are sections on how it feeds (not a subject for the squeamish!); how it defends itself; how and why it produces its brilliant glow and how it attracts a mate.

The second part of the book looks at the Glow-worm's world: its British and global distribution, its habitat and the need for suitable habitat management.

The Glow-worm's possible decline in Britain is discussed, together with the threats that it faces and some of the questions which still remain unanswered.

Finally there are sections on how to see Glow-worms for yourself, how to photograph them and how to take part in the National Glow-worm Survey.

The book is available from John Tyler for a cost of 10 including postage and packaging.